Oxygen and water vapor analyzer (moisture meter) ECON-V

ECON-V is a stationary non-sampling microprocessor analyzer that determines the partial pressure (concentration) of oxygen and water vapor in a mixture of air and water vapor. It is a logical development of the ECON series, and, thanks to its advanced software, performs additional tasks.

Scope of the appliance: drying processes at elevated temperatures (up to 760 °С) and humidity (up to g/m 3) in woodworking, construction and other industries, for example, in the process of high-temperature drying of wood.

Key benefits of the partial pressure analyzer:

  • The ability to measure gas humidity (a mixture of air and water vapor) at elevated ambient temperatures (up to 760 °C);
  • The ability to work for a long time in conditions of high moisture content (due to structural and technical features and the principle of operation);
  • Lack of gas pumping system;
  • Possibility to integrate the device into any ACS TP system.

Main technical characteristics of the oxygen and humidity analyzer in the air ECON-V

The temperature of the analyzed medium °С from 20 to 760
The composition of the analyzed medium air, water vapor
Defined components, % vol. oxygen water vapor
The volumetric content of combustible gases in the analyzed medium, % vol. no more 0,1
The volumetric content of other gases in the analyzed medium, % vol. no more 1,0
The absolute humidity of the analyzed medium, g/m3 no more 150
The excess pressure of the analyzed medium, kPa (mmHg.) from minus 3.9 to 4.4 (from minus 29 to 33)
The speed of movement of the analyzed medium, m/s from 0 to 15
Dustiness of the analyzed medium, g/m3 from 0 to 50
The measured component is oxygen(О2), % об. from 0,1 to 25
The limit of permissible basic error in the measurement of oxygen:  
in measuring ranges № 1, 2, 3, % Υd= ± 2,5
in measuring ranges № 4, % vol. Δd= ± 0,1
The determined component is water vapor, % vol. (mBar) from 2,0 to 100,0 (от 20 до 1000)
The limit of permissible basic error in determining humidity:
in the measuring range No. 1, % vol. (mBar)

Δd= ± 2,0 (± 20)
Time of establishment of indications, s no more 10
Unified current output, mA 0 – 5, 4 – 20
Communication Interface (optional) RS 485 MODBUS.RTU
Length of immersion probe, mm from 200 to 2300
Power consumption, Wt 120

The introduction of the oxygen and humidity analyzer ECON-V in air will allow reliable and continuous monitoring of the content of oxygen and water vapor in a mixture of air and water vapor during high-temperature drying, as well as organize an automated process control system. This will optimize drying modes, improve the quality of products, will minimize energy costs and increase the life of the equipment.


  1. The devices of the EСON-V series are reliable and simple instruments for measuring oxygen and water vapor in air at high temperatures (up to 760 о С). They have high speed and accuracy of measurements.
  2. High level of reliability, speed, accuracy of measurements and indications, achieved by:
    • Locations of the sensitive ceramic directly in the analyzed medium;
    • Lack of a sampling and preparation system;
    • Using a sensitive ceramic element of our own design and production (патент №2339028).
  3. The availability of additional services for post-warranty servicing of devices ensures the maximum useful life of each piece of equipment.
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